We left EARLLLLLLLY in the morning. 
Cruising down the road at 80mph in a "house"... A new experience. 
First meal while camping.... Bread! (And soup).
Going for a hike
Early morning snuggles
In the gift shop with Pappy
❤️ Just kissing the most beautiful woman in the world, that's all. ❤️
Jenny Lake
Enjoying water and throwing rocks
We love Nana and Pappy!
Just chilling in the sunshine
This place should go on the list of most beautiful places ever. Pictures don't do it justice!
Date on the water!
There's something about gliding through water in a canoe, like a hot knife through butter. 

After spending a couple of days in the Grand Tetons, we packed up our RV and headed into Yellowstone.  But we'll save those pictures for the next blog post.