The girls LOVE to climb. Anything. 
We're working on our front yard landscaping. The highlight is a custom water fountain. I love the sound of running water!
A smile that melts my heart and a joy that's contagious
We find time to sneak in romantic selfies in the midst of family outings. 
Our church started meeting again during the month of June! We're doing outdoor gatherings for now. 
Playgrounds are open again! Hooray!
"Mimi" traveled into town for a long visit. 
This is why I love Colorado
For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to where a black polo on a 90 degree day. 
BIG "dandy-flower" puffs!!!
This is the moment where our little ball of energy runs out of energy. :)
Going shopping
This is another reason why I love Colorado. God's creation is so refreshing and beautiful. 
Taking a break after hiking. She walked all by herself, with some pretty intense elevation change!
No swimsuits? No problem. 
Learning about disc golf for the first time. 
Learning and practicing ASL. A family favorite activity. 
Adventures with friends
After swimming in the river with Daddy. (Daddy time at the river has become a bit of a weekly routine, now that it's too hot to bike in the late afternoon).
Doesn't everyone eat olives like this?
Sometimes the bed is the best place to read books. :)