We're a couple months behind here... But better late than never!

Life is always an adventure with this woman.
Wearing Momma's jacket because it's cold in the mountains!
This is was a challenging trip to the mountains. Not enough coats, car sickness, headaches.... But what an amazing view!
Looking at the Elk
Playing with precious friends
Loving the mountain water
"Going to the river with Daddy" became a tradition this Summer.
Training my own personal masseuse
Date night portrait
I love this woman!
The girls LOVE the local coffee shop. 
Enjoying the lake
Movie night!
So, I did a thing, and picked up a canoe for free from Nextdoor. I have great memories of canoeing as a kid, and I look forward to many more with my own family!
Shopping at the Dollar Store
Going to the playground
Studying with Daddy
Looking cool.
Ready for her quarterly chiropractic assessment.