Enjoying the water
Besties 😍
Being cozy during a trip to Costco
Lots of sand at the beach!
The girls love their smoothies. And green mustaches. 
My fellow pastors and deacons took a 24 hour retreat together. It was a fruitful time of prayer, discussion, and seeking the Lord.
Going on a "date" with Dad to Ace Hardware.
Helping Mommy clean the car
Trampoline Time!
Rugged rock formations at the Church-wide Men's campout
I'm proud of these two boys... They conquered their fears and bouldered up to the very top!
The victors at the top! Getting all these kids down the mountain (safely) proved to be an even harder challenge.
Preaching time
No. Just... no. Too messy. 😬
Someone is turning 3! 
Growing up so fast
Auntie is in town! And hilarity is never far behind. :) 
Sisters and friends
Hanging out with the mannequins. They're pretty chill.