New in April: Long bike rides with Dadda so that Momma has focused time to plan meals, write in her journal, etc.
Rocking horses are the latest fun toys! The girls ask for epic "soundtrack music" and pretend race each other. 
It only took a few weeks to learn how to ride her bike. 
Sunday afternoon bike trip to the lake. It's weird not being able to gather in groups, but at least the parks and open spaces are still open. 
The "Guys" doing a read-aloud. Our kids love the "guys" downstairs!
We celebrated Good Friday with a fancy dinner and a foot washing ceremony.
Beautiful inside and out. We did waltzes in the backyard. Probably made the neighbors think that we were starting to get loony in quarantine....
My furlough week project - a sandbox! It was well worth it. Hours of endless fun for the girls. 

And that's a wrap!  Stay healthy, stay trusting in Jesus, and stay smiling.

~ The Willis Family